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Adoption and Foster Care Information

This photo is of me, Lisa Zader, and my daughter Christina, taken in 2004.

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Pregnant in My Heart (TM) is an online adoption resource that works to Equip, Support and Ignite hearts for hurting children. Through this website and through local workshops and conferneces, our goal is to help redefine how we view "those who adopt" of who is "equipped" to be a foster parent.

Online we offer adoption-wear for moms-in-waiting (adoption clothing, t-shirts and more),
and offer links to other adoption and foster care resources.
As we redesign our website, we will
spotlight different adoptive families, be adding adoption BLOGS, various resource for adoptive families, feature articles and thoughtful ponderings in the area of adoption, foster care and orphan outreach.

This website is still evolving. We are in our baby phase, and we are so glad you came to visit us. Keep watching us grow, and check back for our 2009 Adoption Workshop information!
Pregnant in My Heart will be teaming with other local adoption, orphan and foster care ministries and agencies to offer workshops to Equip, Support and Ignite Hearts for Hurting Children.

Quick Update from Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption :

Tune in to Lifetime Television on Saturday, February 28th, at 9pm ET/PT
The powerful new Lifetime Original Movie, America, takes viewers on the emotional journey of sixteen-year-old America as he navigates the United States foster care system. Starring and executive produced by Emmy Award-winner Rosie O’Donnell. Lifetime will share the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s toll-free phone number and web site for viewers who want to help or are considering foster care adoption. Based on E.R. Frank’s book of the same name, the film Visit Lifetime to learn more.

Adoption Information
See photos from our Pregnant in My Heart Adoption Workshop
in Virginia Beach, VA October 4, 2008.

We currently seeking occasional and regular contributors to the website!

If you have articles, journal entries, blogs, etc. on adoption that you would like to share through Pregnant in My heart, please let us know. If you are a ministry for adoption, please contact us. We would love to know more about you and share you on our website as well!

Are you an adoptive family? We would love to review your story and possibly share your story on PregnantInMyHeart.com.

To contact us, you can call us at 757-685-2218. We will have a form on the website soon that will allow you to contact us via email. PLEASE NOTE- This number is also for Captured by the Lens Photography, so don't be confused- You have found the right place!




Vist the Pregnant in My Heart BLOG!   CLICK FOR ADOPTION RESOURCES

I once heard this great quote, "There are moments in life when you love someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real."

That is what it feels like when you are waiting for your child to come home...You love them when they are still just a dream, when you your tummy hasn't changed a bit, but you really want to scream- LOOK AT ME, I'M PREGNANT IN MY HEART!!

This is a journey of discovery and enlightenment, a time in life to share with the world what it means to be "pregnant in my heart"...what it means to be a mom (or dad) in waiting...what it means to have a dream planted deep within in you, to love it, nourish it and wait for it...then to watch it unfold in your life, changing you forever in the process.

And when you are forever changed, you want to change others...their ideas, their perspectives, their questions, even their dreams. And you will, because it is impossible to be changed without changing those whose lives you touch. I don't know whose lives I will have the chance to impact, or who my daughter will touch in her life journey.

I don't know who will read my story, hear my cries and share my laughter along the way...who will discover the dream that was planted in my heart, or who will catch their own dream in the process, but I do know this: I was created by a heavenly father who has a plan and a purpose for me, for my husband, and for my daughter.

I can only see part of the plan; I only sense part of the purpose, but from the moment I discovered I was "pregnant in my heart," I knew that part of my journey would involve this joyful, painful, miraculous journey through adoption we began over 7 years ago. I think I know the moment of conception, but that is a story of its own.

This site is just the beginning, of dreams, hopes, knowledge, questions, resources, connections.... Yes, there is always more, because this is just the start, the day that you discover, I am pregnant in my heart.

Pregnant in My Heart (TM) is an online adoption and foster care resource that also offers adoption-wear
for moms-in-waiting (adoption clothing, t-shirts and more), and will spotlight different adoptive families,
helping redefine how we view "those who adopt" and those "equipped" to be foster parents.
Pregnant in My Heart also offers links to other adoption resources and adoption BLOGS
as well as featured articles and thoughtful ponderings.

Ways to be involved in Foster Care Ways to be involved in Foster Care Ways to get involved in Foster Care Ways to get involved in Foster Care Learn more about Foster Care Foster Care resources by State Foster Care Month Foster Care Month